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Sometimes, lightning sort of strikes twice ....

When [ profile] ladymoonray and I decided to get married, we discussed wedding lists. We came to the conclusion that, having lived together for six years, and before that having each had our own one-person household, we'd got most things we need, but if you were to push us, we wouldn't say no to a toaster. We have a toaster. K's ex-husband bought it. It's a foul puce yellow colour, but mechanically it was entirely sound, and it would be wasteful to get rid of it just because of the colour, however horrid that colour was.

So, we had a plan. For the most part, we'll be asking for holiday vouchers for anyone who feels moved to buy us wedding presents, so we can have a kick-ass honeymoon. But we thought we might have a toaster box on the wedding present table, into which people could drop a pound, if they wanted. The resulting proceeds would be used to get a really nice toaster.

It didn't quite work out that way. We came in from shopping today to find the toaster lying on its side on the worktop. We had not left it like that. Obviously the cats had been doing something ...

So, I cleared up the scatter of toasted breadcrumbs. And I righted the toaster. And I looked inside. I spotted something in the corner. Something furry, and with eyes. Oh. And something that moved.

So that explains the banana with the large hole in it, that I hadn't thought was there when I bought it. We knew there was probably something somewhere, as the cats had been staking out various parts of the kitchen over the last couple of days.

Time to by a new toaster then.

The weird thing is, this is the second time I have had a mouse in toaster incident. When I shared a flat in Manchester we had to get rid of a toaster because a mouse had got in it. On that occasion, we didn't find out until we'd put toast in the toaster and cooked the mouse. Who we named Sparky.

The cats are in disgrace, of course, since they're supposed to catch the mice.

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*lost for words*

*but not lost for inarticulate giggling*

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Who we named Sparky.


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My MiT incident, years ago now, resulted in the mouse leaping out of the toaster and escaping in a haze of lightly charred fur. Lucky little bugger.
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Perhaps they chased it into the toaster because they felt in the mood for char-grilled mouse?

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Yes, that seems an entirely cat-like thing to do. Chase the mouse into the toaster and hope for another Sparky event!

*still chuckling*
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Last time I had mice in the appliances, it was a particularly clever one shinnying up the drain hole of the fridge and stealing food straight out of the back. We finally realized what it was when I found a packet of Oreos (put in the fridge to keep mice off) dragged to the back of the fridge, nibbled open, and surrounded by Oreo crumbs.

And it won't do you a bit of good because it's too far to ship sensibly, and the wrong electrical plug to boot, but I actually have two toasters going spare at the moment, having bought one while the original was still packed after we moved, and now having made both redundant by finding a very nice second hand Dualit toaster on craigslist for, in Dualit terms, a song.

Well, I suppose I could send a toaster off to you via Steve Green, who will pass this way, but it still doesn't solve the built-for-110 problem. I wonder if it would toast twice as fast, if used in the UK, or just burn the toast?
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We've had mice in most places, but not in a toaster.

Oh wait.

We don't have a toaster.

That would explain it.

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Oh tut. This happened to a friend of mine. Presumably evolution is in action, but she is a harsh 'goddess', I must say.

Sometimes, lightning sort of strikes twice ...

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Yes it does, if you're Heidi the Doorbird (aka [ profile] mundenlogic, who's been hit at least twice. Serious consideration has been given to fitting her with an external conductor.

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I'm sorry, but this made me laugh! :)

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That might be the best story I've heard all day. *g*

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I still haven't got round to replacing my toaster which was also lost to a mouse incident. I left it a while to make sure the mouse was really gone, and I hardly ever make toast so I've just not got round to it. Do let me know if your new toaster turns out to be good, as I would like to replace mine at some point but it's been tricky finding a good one.

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Our new one is a Russell Hobbs (picture on my LJ), and it's half price in Sainsburys at the moment (£22.49). It seems good so far, though the slots aren't quite long enough for my favourite bread (Warburtons seeded batch). It's fine for normal-sized bread though, and it takes crumpets no trouble.

It's a four slice toaster, but with individual controls on the two halves so you can just use one half, or cook the slices for different times for different people. We like this!

toaster recommendation

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You could put a 'Toaster Reclamation Fund' tin on the wedding present table as per Plan A and go for a Kitchen Aid 4-slicer:

Available in a couple of funky colours and a snip at £180 or so.

It really is a very good toaster! But yes, for that money it would have to be.

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We don't have a toaster here for gecko-related reasons. Mice never even crossed our minds...

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Miaow !

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the cats probably brought it in in the first place!

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We've had half eaten peaches before we've cottoned on before now.

Never managed a mouse in a toaster, but did manage a mouse in a calor gas heater. We carried on using the heater.

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The question is, did you eat the Sparky toast?!

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I have an awful feeling about that, but I don't want it confirmed!